Make more loop devices in WDTV

14 05 2009

The number of applications for the WDTV is growing with time and everyone is limited to use only 6/7 diferent apps. This happens because linux needs to mount every single application to make it usefull for the system. When this is done, the file occupies one slot of the 8 available. The WDTV has only 6 slots available, and quotiong zorander:

Actually the limit would be 6… one is for /mnt/root.bin and one is used when you play .iso file

So, with the help of b-rad I compiled a modified loop module to make possible the use of a maximum of 253 different applications.

This will be included in next release of, but if you can’t wait for it then you may donwload the module and the application I wrote to create the loops in /dev, here. I’m assuming that you now what to do with this files: insmod /path_to_module/discoloop.ko, chmod +x makeloops, then do makeloops –-help to now how makeloops works. You need to make this files called at boot time in some init.d script (must be called before crazymount starts his job).

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